The Pledge Fund

We are committed to giving back.

What is The Pledge Fund?

The pledge fund is our way of giving back to our community. As a company, we invest 20% of our annual tip revenue to fund the pledge fund which ultimately finds it's way back to causes. We distribute funds through the use of Pledge Grants that can be applied to a fundraising campaign. The way these grants work is that they must be matched by additional donations before funds are paid out.

Why do this?

If we were like a traditional startup, we would spend a ton of money on marketing to get new users and to tell them just how amazing GiveMore is. This didn't sit well with us. We would rather see those funds go to and support great causes. So that is what we are doing! It is our belief that doing good will get us further and encourage people to give more. We can't do this alone however and we need your help!

How does this involve me?

Rather than direct where these funds go ourselves, we want you (our supporters) to help us choose!

OK, so how can I get in on this?

Our aim is to reward activities that help us grow.

  1. Donate Directly to GiveMore

    There are expenses that we need to cover in order to operate and expand. To help pay for them we have set up a self-funding campaign. In return for contributing to GiveMore directly, you will receive the amount of your donation added to your pledge fund balance over the following 3 years. (so if you donated $36, you would get to direct $1 of the pledge fund each month for 36 months).

    But there is more - if you donate $1,200 or more we will double the amount you are directing each month. This means that over the next three years, if you initially gave $1,200, you will get to direct a total of $2,400.

    For good measure we have added one more tier - if you donate $12,000 or more, we will triple the amount you are directing each month. This means that over the next three years, if you initially gave $12,000, you will get to direct a total of $36,000.

    So if you believe in our mission, support our growth and contribute today.

    This offer only applies to the campaign and may only be around for a limited time.

  2. Participate in Promotions and Competitions

    From time to time we will run social media promotions. So follow us on Facebook and spread the word.

    We are also developing a program called GiveMore Challenges. Think X-prize but focusing on community and cause development.

  3. Contribute Stickers

    One of our new programs provides free stickers (paid for by donations) for topics such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, Trans Rights, The Environment, etc. Stickers are distributed at cost which includes the donation fee, the stickers themselves, shipping and handling, as well as a royalty to the artist paid out as a pledge grant that they may direct. For more information and to find free stickers, check out GiveMore Stickers.

What can I do with my pledge fund balance?

Once you have at least $5, you can pledge to any cause of your choice that is participating in The Pledge Fund. Pledges can be a powerful incentive to encourage your friends and family to support the causes that matter to you. So once you pledge, share with your friends.

Can I withdraw my pledge balance? Simply put, no. When you pledge to a cause on behalf of The Pledge Fund and they are matched, the funds transfer between GiveMore and the receiving organization. The only way to use your pledge balance is to put the funds to work by pledging them to a cause you would like us to support.

When do causes receive funds?

Once a pledge has been matched by donors, it then gets paid out to the receiving cause as funds are available. We cut checks monthly for campaigns with a balance over $10. Our goal is to keep the pledge fund as close to $0 as possible because stockpiling funds isn't helpful to anyone. With that said, campaigns must opt-in to participate as there will be times when campaigns will need to wait for revenue to replenish The Pledge Fund.