2019 Benefit Report

helps individuals and organizations raise funds more effectively. We do this by providing tools and services that enable charitable giving, matching donations, and the socialization of causes.

From the very beginning when was just an idea that had been quickly sketched out on a scrap piece of paper, I knew I had to do things right. To me doing it the right way meant being in line with the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. Doing it the right way meant trying to craft a business where everyone involved benefits from the process. This is no easy feat but is vitally important.

While our operating agreement had provisions to be a benefit company from day one, it wasn’t until several years later, in 2019, that we officially became certified through Benefit Corporations for Good.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage you and your community to give more.

We aim to do this by developing innovative tools and marketing practices that will help our causes attract and engage donors ultimately leading to greater levels of giving. We also aim to operate in a way that is inclusive and develops a diverse culture.

2019 Year in Review

The focus over the past year has been to run trial campaigns and to improve the platform while exploring what marketing will look like.

Every year I run a small personal fundraiser for my birthday. This year we raised $250 that went to a Eugene non profit, Give a Sock, that gives out socks and other essential items to the homeless around Eugene, OR making their lives incrementally better. One day I hope to raise $100k or more for my little personal birthday fundraiser. Life Goals.

Our biggest change to date was to change from a set platform fee to an optional tip. Making a change like this is a bit terrifying - what if donors don’t tip? What if we can’t cover costs? Thankfully, our continued trials provided the evidence we needed to be confident with this decision. Not only did people tip, but the message this change sent resonated with campaign organizers and donors alike.

Looking Ahead

As a company, the past few years have been about building a flexible platform, testing that it resonated with donors and organizers alike and finally exploring marketing options. Everything we do is looked at as an experiment. In the year ahead, we will be launching some of these marketing initiatives. Each one will be an experiment of sorts and if it works, we will expand on it. Some of those experiments that we will be looking at include Challenges, Stickers, and Offers.

will be designed to operate similarly to X-Prize, but will have more attainable goals such as funding community cupboards, tiny libraries, or even supporting furloughed employees.
will provide a new way for causes to engage with their audience. Prospective donors may request free stickers that are paid for at cost by donations. If they would like their sticker sooner, they can skip the line by donating or referring additional donors. Their donation helps to cover the costs for others as well. Causes will even be able to request stickers from our community of artists to help drive new donors to their fundraising campaign. Read More...
is going to revolutionize charitable marketing and will generate leads for both businesses and the causes they support in a way that drives actual donations and isn’t just a photo op or simple press release.

Over the past year we have been validating our process and making adjustments. We have been planning and exploring how to move forward. This next year will be exciting as it marks the beginning of a new chapter. Planning will shift into action as marketing initiatives are put into practice and we explore what works and what doesn’t. In order to make the biggest impact we can we must grow and there is no better time than now.

The world needs all of us to .

Nathan Gustafson, CEO