How It Works

Start a Campaign - Spread the Word - Raise More

Create your fundraising page

Get started by creating your fundraising page here and choosing a page name. You will be asked to verify your email address and afterwards, you will be taken to your campaign's management page. Add an image, a quick call to action, and then describe your campaign. Introduce yourself and why you are raising funds.

Connect to Stripe

Before your campaign's donation form will work, you will need to connect to our payment processor, Stripe. Doing so, allows donor funds to go directly from the donor to you. While using GiveMore is free for campaign organizers, Stripe does charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. To help with that, donors are given the option to pay a little extra to help cover this expense.

Publish your campaign

Once you have connected to Stripe and everything looks good, you can publish your page, you're almost there. Just one more really important step...

Get the word out!

Share your campaign through email, direct mail, Facebook and Instagram. Your creativity is the limit.